Kids' Fashion: Lola + The Boys


One trait I potentially passed along to Enzo is style. His personality is sparked when he wears an outfit he is happy with and there is no convincing him to wear something that he doesn’t approve of. He absolutely loved this Quilted Army Tiger Bomber with a printed T and khaki pants. Nadia, on other hand, is more easy going. She simply doesn’t want to wear skirts or dresses or anything whimsical. She dazzled in the Love Magic Sequin Bomber paired with a printed T and black leggings. Both of my kids pick their own outfits - I used to try and influence their choices but learned quickly that approach will never work for our family.


My friend, Irina, started the company Lola + The Boys - a Chicago-based, online children's clothing boutique (with a pop up in the Macy’s building) - and let me tell you, she understands comfort and design that kids will choose to wear. With a carefully selected range of styles you can definitely find something to fit your little one’s personality. Classic styles with creative, unique touches make these pieces stand out.

Photography by Nikko Salgado

Styling by Kelsey Oenick

KidsKaitlyn McMahon