Gift Guide: Employees + Co-Workers Edition


Do you realize that most of us spend more time with our co-workers and employees than with our actual family members? For some reason it is surprisingly difficult to find a thoughtful gift for those that you work side by side with every day. We did the research for you and came up with some fun ideas for the people on your daily work grind.

Skincare and Beauty

  • Flint: You know that one friend who always seems to have exactly what you need on hand in their purse at all times? This is for them. These chic, mini lint rollers from Flint are an innovative solution to a very necessary product. Designed to be thrown in your bag on-the-go (and not stick to everythigng!) these lint rollers come in adorable colors and patterns and have rave reviews from The Oprah Magazine, Travel Essentials, and Who What Wear.

  • Southern Hospitality: We all know someone who is always on their feet and lives by that ‘go, go, go’ mentality. This is the perfect gift to provide them a little TLC while not taking away from their busy schedule. Southern Hospitality makes amazing cuticle salves and heel balms to treat an often neglected part of our bodies - our feet! Handmade with natural ingredients in small batches, this gift is thoughtful and unique.

  • Away Cosmetic Suitcase: A great gift for all your travel savvy friends. Away has just launched ‘The Mini’ - an adorable miniature version of their iconic suitcases, designed to hold all your travel essentials. The durable exterior and sectioned interior ensure that your items stay safe and organized while you travel. The seriously cute colors are an added bonus!

  • Drybar Tiny Tress Press Detailing Iron: The trick to perfect hair all day long! This mini detailing iron is the ideal tool for quick touch ups and smoothing flyaways. Small enough to fit in your everyday handbag, this is a fabulous gift for that person who jumps from yoga class, to the office, to cocktails with friends.


  • Hair Accessories: For the fashionista in the office who knows how to buckle down and get to work. Cute colored scrunchies and hair scarves make the perfect gift for your office crew.

  • Cold Weather Accessories: When winter rolls into the city you can never have enough snuggly scarves, hats or mittens. These cashmere pieces are a thoughtful gift at a great price point!

  • T’s: I love a good T. It makes for the most effortless of outfits paired with a flattering pair of jeans and simple shoe. Fun patterns, colors and designs make the look interesting and fun.


  • Platters and Boards: This is one of those books that is full of useful knowledge (especially for those that love to entertain) but is also such a treat to flip through and admire. Shelly Westernhausen shares her tips and tricks for crafting the most beautiful spreads as well as pairings that will impress.

  • All About Cake: Christina Tosi, founder and owner of Milk Bar in New York City, shares her signature recipes from the famed restaurant. Her entrepreneurial spirit that lead to the creation of Milk Bar definitely shines bright throughout her unique recipes.

  • In the Company of Women: A truly inspiring collection of stories and advice from all types of women in different industries who persevered and followed their dreams. They share their hardships, successes and everything that lead them to where they are in life.   

  • Becoming: An absolutely mesmerizing account of Michelle Obama's life and the experiences that have shaped her into the incredible woman she is today.

Mindful Mementos

  • Mindfulness Cards: The perfect gift for someone who could use an extra second in their day. Inspiring and thought-provoking messages help you take a step back and set an intention for your day.

  • Palo Santo Bundle: Palo Santo is a natural remedy to combat negative energy and cleanse a space. Great for someone who has just moved homes, completed a renovation, or needs a little extra positive energy in their life.

  • Capri Blue Candle: A stylish vessel combined with an incredible aroma make these candles a stellar gift. This is an item that someone will always appreciate (can you ever really have enough candles?) that can transform a home.


  • Holiday Stollen: This German Christmas bread made with dried fruits, nuts and a marzipan center perfectly captures the taste of the holidays. Don’t let the look of this treat fool you - it is seriously delicious (like eat an entire loaf by yourself delicious.) It is a great soulful gift that is sure to delight - Toni Patisserie makes the best!

  • Milk Bar Truffles: If you have ever tasted these delicious truffles from Milk Bar in New York then you would agree that they are an absolutely stellar gift. With three different flavors to choose from - Chocolate Malt, Pumpkin Dulce de Leche and BDAY Cake - you are sure to please everyone on your list!

MDPR, WorkKaitlyn McMahon