Viva San Miguel

Few weeks back we met with a new client, Hadley O'Regan. Hadley had an interesting project on the table for us.


Three years ago, she acquired a beautiful property in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico called Casa Proserpina, which means “Spring” in Latin. I had never heard of it before but after a quick Google Search, I discovered that the readers of Conde Nast and Travel and Leisure magazine named it the "Best Small City in the World" in 2017 and 2018. That recognition quickly spiked my interest and I couldn't wait to see San Miguel for myself!

To my surprise, we were able to book a direct flight from Chicago to Leon, and it only took 4 hours to get there. They have one of the cleanest and smallest airports that I have ever been to and it is really easy to navigate. If you are traveling with children, from the logistical perspective, it has a perfect layout.

The transport from Leon to San Miguel is about an hour long and it is truly a picturesque drive.


The minute you enter San Miguel you understand it's charm immediately! Cobblestoned streets, baroque Spanish architecture and homes restored to their colonial state will transition you to a different, more relaxed reality.

Each property has facades of ochre, yellow, fuchsia, violet, rose and turquoise with imposing wooden doors which make them one-of-a-kind. Hadley often says "you never know what is hiding behind these doors" and that is true of Casa Proserpina's famous front door.


Checking into Casa Proserpina was an experience on its own. It is located on 24 Relox Centro Historico, which is a street closed to public transportation. The driver brought in our luggage, and the friendly hostess and her staff greeted us with freshly made cocktails! It was a fiesta from the start!

Casa Proserpina is divided into 2 Casitas (Agua and Fuego) and Casa Centro. Each casita has two floors with a full kitchen, a private rooftop, and living room. Casa Centro is comprised of an extra 3 bedrooms that lead towards a central courtyard, majestic living room and magical back garden patio which is perfect for entertaining. If you are celebrating an anniversary or looking for a small wedding you must consider this space.

Casita Fuego
Casita Agua

I stayed in Casita Fuego which you can rent here.

You can rent the rooms individually or rent the entire house for 10 guests for $100 per person!

If you wish to have breakfast or lunch served, it is an extra $12 per person. It's a steal!

While designing this luxurious, 300-year-old estate, Hadley wanted to capture San Miguel's lively culture, architecture and colorful surroundings. Inside I noticed many pieces by local artists, which I absolutely loved and wanted to learn more about.

Casa Proserpina is located steps away from... really everything!

I will never forget the first sight of the ineo-gothis 17th century Parroquia de San Miguel Arcánge. I stood there in awe, admiring the sun shining on it's soaring pink spires. This spiritual sanctuary simply glowed.

Right across the street from the house is a 100-year-old bakery with unforgettable smells of baked bread and my favorite almond croissants. San Miguel's coffee game is also strong! My favorite coffee shops include: Ki'bok Coffee SMA, Zenteno Café and El Cafe De La Mancha.

Rooftop views from  Ki’bok Coffee  overlooking San Miguel de Allende

The cuisine in San Miguel is rich in flavor and originality. My favorite restaurants are Bastardo, Fatima 7 rooftop, the Rosewood Hotel rooftop restaurant, and the Spice Market.

View from  Fatima 7 rooftop via Casa Blanca hotel

Wondering down the streets of San Miguel, you can find both local and luxury art, furniture and clothing boutiques. I would suggest leaving room in your suitcase for pieces you buy there. Casa Armida in Centro, Recreo, and Doce 18 Concept House are some of the best shops in San Miguel.

@clarkandstone  browsing Recreo’s clothing pieces
Shopping at Recreo San Miguel

For an extra fee, Hadley can create a customized itinerary for you. Keep in mind that Hadley knows luxury like nobody else and she definitely knows how to have a great time! Whatever she suggests for you (based on your interests of course) will be a one-of-a-kind experience.

Think of a private visit to the city hall, climbing to the rooftop of the Sanctuary of Atotonilo, or a tour of American artist and visionary Anado Mclauchlin's home.


If you are a blogger looking to shoot content, Hadley can recommend talented local photographers who will guide you through San Miguel's most beautiful spots.

I do not want to give too much away, as Hadley put so much love into our personalized trip, but here are some activities that we had a chance to try. We started our day by touring the RoseAnn Hall Designs glassware and homemade candle factory. We had the opportunity to create our own stamp candle from beginning to end. We toured the Antontilico, Mexico’s Sistine Chapel. Here, we climbed to the top and witnessed the chapel’s bell ring 12 times. Hadley also scheduled a visit of Vinedos San Francisco, where we toured the grounds with one of the property’s developers. Our adventures were special and unique, and I learned so much about San Miguel’s cultural background at each stop.

Handmade candles with  RoseAnn Hall Designs
Vineyard tours with  Vinedos San Francisco

Happy Independence Day Mexico and I hope to be back soon!


ps. For insider tips on San Miguel de Allende, follow @casaproserpina!

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