A note from the beach.

“The beach is created by the waves and currents. It is made of eroded rocks and sand. It exists next to water and doesn’t get impressed. It has seen 200,000 generations of human beings and will see all of the generations that come after. “ —British Vogue


With each wave the water tells a story which gets washed with the next move. It has the ability to clean everything off the beach and carry on. With my recent style change and different presentation, I wanted it to feel effortless like the beach.


Wearing comfortable, yet elegant, clothing ignited the feeling of freedom and femininity in me. It also made it easier on my closet choices, switching from work to mommy mode.


I happen to love being on the beach, the surroundings are soothing and the sound of water adds sensibility that I can only feel there.

Change is good.



StyleMonika Dixon