Winter In The City


Winter in the city requires lots of warm layers to combat the chilling temperatures and snowy weather. Everyone has their classic go - to down layer they pull out of storage once November rolls around and we can’t put off wearing an actual coat anymore. However, each year when the puffy coats come out my kids want nothing to do with them.


Full of energy, they are always running around before we leave the house and never seem to want to wear their winter coats. Regardless if they’re not bothered by the cold, they need it! A great tactic to ensure they stay warm is to simply pile on the layers. A festive T under a warm flannel and vest guarantees that they have a solid, warm base. Even better, these vest from Moncler are crazy warm. The down-fill insulates and protects from the cold.

Monika of Monika Dixon Public Relations is wearing a green, velvet Moncler jacket. As a fashion blogger and influencer she enjoys finding pieces that are unique and stylish.

I on the other hand, HAVE to bundle up. This velvet, down coat from Moncler is the warmest winter coat I have ever worn. It blocks out all of that cold Chicago wind and keeps your core nice and cozy. I love how this forest green hue adds some color to my outfit (does anyone else’s closet look like a sea of black and gray in the winter?) and adds a slightly festive touch.   The prices of these Moncler pieces reflect their lifespan and quality. Their coats and vests last forever and are a great investment.


Although it is cold, Chicago in the winter is a magical place. The constant stream of flurries make this city a real life snow globe.

Photography by Nikko Salgado

Styling by Kelsey Oenick

Style, KidsKaitlyn McMahon